Tuesday, April 21, 2015

10 Things I Hate (in no particular order)

So it is Tuesday and already a couple of these things have happened to me.  However I decided instead of flipping out on people or getting stressed that instead I would write it down and share it.   I don't know about you but it usually isn't the big things that push my buttons, it is more the little seemingly insignificant things that get under my skin.  Do these things ever happen to you?  If so, how do you manage them? 

1)  When you push the elevator button and it is lit, then someone who just saw you push the button comes immediately behind you and pushes it again, like your push didn’t count – why lady why, was my push not good enough for you?

2) When you are in the bathroom stall and you hear another person leaving but you don’t hear any water running or paper-towels being dispensed, then they open the door to leave – Just gross, wash your damn hands, I don’t want to be in the vicinity of your waste matter particles, CLEAN IT UP!!

3) When you are telling someone a story (or anything) and they keep interrupting you trying to “guess” what you are about to say next – just friggin’ listen and let me finish the dang story.

4) That horn noise that goes off constantly in reggae and hip-hop mixes – okay I like it once but don’t keep rewinding “selecta,” just learn to play the horn noise sparingly PLEASE!  Less is more!

5)  Objects that require batteries but in sizes other than double AA, triple AA, D or C, like those stupid round batteries that go in a watch that you can’t find anywhere or those weird rectangle ones with the round things on top, yeah those.

6) Group text messages with people I don’t know, it’s like a bonanza – my phone going off with numbers I don’t recognize so much so that the battery is half dead by the time the conversation is done.  Just want to throw my phone when this happens.

7) Putting a coat on over a long sleeve shirt and having the shirt’s sleeve roll up to your elbow or beyond.  I have tried a variety of tactics to combat this and here are my top three:  A) Hold onto the sleeve in your hand then put on said coat (this usually does the trick but some sleeves can be tight so not as easy to get a grasp on), B) Take the coat off, then put it back on while carefully sliding your arm straight down so there is no contact between the shirt and the coat (doesn’t always work for me, I almost always hit the side), or C) Just roll out with disproportionately large biceps and don’t worry about it (This usually only happens to me because I didn’t leave myself enough time to employ options A or B.) L

8) Any sentence that includes the words cray, bae, fleek, “or nah”, swag, yolo, seriously, really, omg.

9) My phone auto-correcting, it always gets it wrong like why does “love you” become “louie” or “lovely”.

10) That whenever I need some “quality time” in the bathroom at home, that’s when the kids want to bust in the door and talk and hang around and won’t leave no matter what I try to bribe them with.  Please can Mommy finish first, then we can read, eat, play, go outside, do anything … why do you want to be with me right now and why do you want to wait for me in here?  

Please feel free to add things you hate in the comments section for future additions of "10 Things I Hate" and let me know if you hate some of (or all) of these things as well.


  1. Let's add to number 2! Being in the bathroom in your stall and the person (same person weekly when I go to my doctors office) is having a full blown convo in the stall next you on the phone. (I don't want to hear and I'm sure that person you're talking too doesn't want to hear toilets flushing)!

    At home...on the toilet and my sweet son decides he has to go to the bathroom at that moment (really lil dude??? I'm on the toilet--and there is only one in the apt)!

    When a person sneezes, you say, "Bless you." and they can't even fix their mouths to say thank you.

    When you write a FB status update that says the time and place...then someone chimes in and asks, "Where and when is it going to be??" Really???

    Lastly (because I can keep going). When people call but don't leave a message then get upset when you don't call back). Leave a damn message next time!

    That's it lol.

  2. When you hold the door for someone and wait a good 20 seconds for them to reach the door and they do not have the common courtesy to say "thank you". #MyMorning

  3. When you stay stuck at 183 pounds and stop losing the weight. :O

  4. Shaking hands. We do not walk around with swords anymore people. Lol. #BacteriaInfestedHands #FistPumpStatus